Leslie Kleyweg

Chairman and CEO
A graduate from Concordia University, Leslie is the founder of DCM and sole principal. Leslie has a human resources and IT consulting background. She began her career as an HR Administrator within a large IT firm. During her experience she was involved with implementing an Oracle-based HR system. Having found a niche in the marketplace for IT consulting, she left the HR field and pursued a career in IT.

Leslie sought a consultant position for Keane working on a City of Chicago Oracle implementation project. Over the years, she worked her way up to become a Senior Level II Oracle Consultant specializing in functional and training consulting. This experience gave Leslie some knowledge into the consulting field and a know-how to work on the same level with end users.

Focusing on client relationships and business referrals, DCM grew at an accelerated rate in the first years of business. Through existing contacts in the consulting world and family members, Leslie was able to land some larger contracts for IT consulting. She was able to build up a company while still maintaining a full-time job. Leslie knows the rewards of hard work and dedication. She has put an emphasis on client satisfaction and knowledge transfer. She feels that with the ever-evolving world of IT consulting DCM should maintain excellent SLA’s and will be a leader in the Small/Medium Business IT Support industry.

Adam Kleyweg

Director of IT

After graduation, I stumbled into computers through online day trading. My connection was never fast enough, my computer seemed to always blue screen, and I had no money to fix either problem. As a result, I learned quickly to fix computers on my own, and soon that was to be the industry path to follow.

I started off on a RR hardware team for a over 5000 staffed global company.  I learned very quickly on the job and was bounced around from hardware, to help desk, to server team, to networking, and more.  I learned a lot working during that time but none more importantly than wanting to be on my own.

My wife and I started our first business in 2001 and have never looked back. Having spent 20 years so far as business owners, we both feel it is time to not only expand, but also give back. Hopefully, the next 20 years will be not just impactful on our lives, but also on others.

Kaelan Anderson

Chicago Business Manager
Kaelan Anderson is proud to bring an effective fusion of technical expertise and personable demeanor to DCM. Kaelan was born and raised in Rochester, New York, and began his career there providing top-class technical support to Intuit TurboTax customers. Kaelan relocated to Chicago in early 2012 and quickly settled in to handling the IT needs of DCM’s Chicago-based clients. Over the past several years, he has cultivated close professional relationships with DCM’s Chicago client-base and continues to provide first-rate technical support and consultation.

Kaelan has a love of music instilled in him from both sides of his family, and he appreciates tunes from nearly any genre. He enjoys attending the many concerts and musicals that pass through Chicago and likes to spend the precious few days of good weather outdoors at the Chicago Botanical Gardens or Morton Arboretum.