Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

We provide a complete outsource IT department solution for startups, small business and medium sized businesses (SMB). You will have access to highly trained and skilled technicians from level 1 all the way to engineer without the cost of hiring your own staff, buying hardware or additional software. Our job is to remove your IT headaches so you can concentrate on the business you started. Our focus is to make sure your network is secure, and seamless.

Our Services

With DCM we mitigate your risk with our PCI compliant cloud
and managed services.

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Network Support


Our experienced technicians are available to our clients 24/7/365. Your network and security don’t stop neither do we. Our techs are always learning new technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the technology curve. Our job is to handle all your IT needs with a phone call or a simple email. When you’re onboard with us you are assigned to the NOC to monitor your network for issues and vulnerabilities that might interfere with your network. They provide your business with behind the scenes support from updating your system OS to running scans to make sure your device is running at optimal speed to updating your computer drivers for issues that you might not be aware until you need it. All of this is done in the background using intuitive lite application running in the background so the NOC is improving your IT network without disturbing your day to day business. If we detect an issue with your network that cannot be fixed remotely we deploy a highly skilled technician to your site to address any issues found by the NOC.

The SoC

The sole purpose of our SoC (Security operations Center) is to monitor possible attacks on our customers’ networks. They monitor alarms and look for abnormalities in your network access.This is a very unique department with a sole purpose of maintaining network integrity.

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Our Help Desk

Our help desk is level 1 support that will field your initial calls if a problem does arise. They are our IT advisers that will assist you in any way they can they provide troubleshooting steps or the ability to remote in and fix your computer on demand for you. They are also here to help you whenever you need it 24/7/365 days a year.