Managed Services means no worries

Managed Services means no worries.

As the backbone of a modern business, your critical computer systems require more than reactive service. When maintenance is neglected, life expectancy of your IT equipment plummets, and efficiency takes a turn for the worse. A proactive plan of preventative maintenance is essential to protecting your business’s bottom line.

Ask yourself how long your company would be able to operate with your network down. How much money would your company lose as a result of system outages, data loss, or a disaster? On the other hand, when workstations are functioning as needed, employees can work more quickly and without interruption, with the peace of mind that the solution to any problem is just a phone call away.

How do you benefit from a Managed Services Agreement?

  • Reduced Wait Time: No need to schedule appointments.
  • Cost Savings: No more 1-hour minimums.
  • Flexibility: Help for any PC with a web browser and internet access. Call us from anywhere!

A preventative maintenance program routinely and proactively handles key areas of system management including virus protection, patching, and optimization. DCM minimizes downtime by performing maintenance as an unobtrusive, background service. Under a Managed Services Agreement, DCM will work with your company to:

  • Perform server, workstation, and network administration
  • Solve network connectivity issues
  • Develop disaster recovery protocols and solutions
  • Manage software planning, configuration, and installation
  • Assess computer and network requirements and provide recommendations
  • Configure an FTP server for client/office file exchange
  • Provide and implement technology planning and equipment replacement timetables
  • Assist departments in purchasing and implementing software and database applications
  • Focus on architectural design and application of software
  • Work with software vendors for proper version upgrades and installations
  • Facilitate the creation of a professional web presence

Office 365 Partner

Get robust, professional, and reliable email service through Microsoft’s Office 365 combined with DCM’s expert administration.

Offsite Backup

Don’t let a disaster blindside you. Protect your valuable data with DCM’s affordable, automated offsite backup solution.

Remote Support

Save time and money with DCM’s remote support capability. Many issues can be resolved over the phone with remote access.

Managed Antivirus

Keep your network secure with DCM’s managed antivirus service. Central administration, inobtrusive client, and email alerts.