Project Management

Ensure your projects are completed on time and within budget.

Successful completion of projects outside of your normal business scope requires special management skills and techniques. DCM offers professional project management services to keep your objectives targeted and process moving efficiently towards completion.

Our project managers can help drive your project throughout its life-cycle to successful completion, overseeing every phase:


  • Identifing business needs and requirements
  • Developing project scope
  • Setting project milestones
  • Completing SWOT analysis


  • Developing project schedule
  • Estimating budget for completion
  • Selecting project personnel
  • Risk analysis and planning


  • Coordinating communication among team members
  • Handling contract administration
  • Performing quality assurance
  • Documenting project progress

Monitoring and Control

  • Monitoring progress of project activities
  • Measuring progress against planned expectations
  • Ensuring adherence to schedule and budget
  • Implementing corrective actions to address issues and risks


  • Seeking final client approval
  • Settling open contracts
  • Completing final documentation
  • Evaluating success and improvement opportunities