Social Marketing

Connect with new clients through the power of social media.

More and more digital marketing today is conducted via social media platforms. To truly drive growth of your client base, your business needs to leverage the power of social media to connect with new clients and spread word of mouth about the quality of your services. People are more connected through social media than ever before, and that trend will only continue. DCM can help your business create or improve your social media presence and translate those connections into billable interactions.

DCM Technology Solutions is proud to partner with Alex Novak of PatientUp and put our combined technical and marketing skills to work to bring your business up to speed in the social marketing space. We will build a new social media presence if your firm has not yet ventured into the field, or refine your existing presence to strengthen your brand awareness and effectiveness of campaigns. You can be confident in our results with no long-term commitments required.

With a background in physiology and years of marketing experience specific to the dental industry, Alex Novak has helped practices across the Chicagoland area develop patient-centric websites and integrated marketing plans, something that is critical to maximize a practice’s patient base and ensure ongoing success. Being familiar with major practice management software, Alex is able to run new patient referral reports, using them to compare dollars spent on marketing to revenue generated from it. This, coupled with month-to-month plans and no long-term contracts, allows for complete transparency. Whether practices want to attract new patients, retain existing ones, or reinforce brand loyalty, Alex Novak and DCM will work with them to help create, measure, and achieve their goals.